When Enough is Enough

5 Signs To Know When Enough Is Enough

The fact that you are here reading this is an indication that something needs to change in your life. Whether you are considering leaving your spouse, changing careers, standing up to someone, or no longer wanting to tolerate where you are in life, there is something driving you to change. Change is scary, however. Change is so scary that the majority of people continue suffering from the way things are. How long have you been suffering? Is it time to say enough is enough and move on? This article will help you figure that out. Here are 5 signs to know when enough is enough in any area of your life. From finances to relationships.

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How You Know When Enough Is Enough

Before we get into the  “when”, I’d like to touch briefly on the “how”. In other words when it is in fact enough, what you should do about it. Everyone’s situation is different but in my opinion either one, two, or both of the following need to happen. The first is to walk away. It’s hard to do but sometimes you have to cut the cord and move on. Whether that is from a relationship, job or toxic friendship. If you hit relate to the signs that we will discuss in this article, then it may be time to go.

The second is to do some internal work. Walking away is not always the solution. Sometimes your situation is your opportunity to become a better person. Maybe you need to be more patient, maybe you need to learn new skills, maybe you need to set boundaries. Either one of these things must happen or both. This is my opinion. Everyone is different and you have to do what is best for you.

1. You Are Constantly Emotionally Drained

Emotionally Drained

We all have emotional stress sometimes. We might have a bad day at work, or have a disagreement with our spouse that may elevate our stress and sour our mood. When this is constant, however, it may be time to say enough is enough. We are not meant to live in a state of stress, fear, depression, and hopelessness. It not only takes a toll on our happiness but our health as well. People who deal with elevated states of emotion consistently suffer from more health issues. These include muscle fatigue, irritability, constant tiredness, headaches, and more. It is not healthy for you both in mind and body to keep dealing with your emotions so much that it drains you every day.  If you are emotionally drained more often than not, that is when you know enough is enough.

2. You Don’t Recognize Yourself Anymore

I hear countless complaints from my clients and others who say they do not know who they are anymore or no longer feel like themselves. They give so much of themselves that they lose touch with who they are. Oftentimes they hate who they have become because they have become bitter and resentful and it affects their relationships with co-workers, family, and others. Are you a different person (in a negative way) since you started your job or got into your relationship? Do you do and say things that you never used to? Are you putting up with things that your past self would have never put up with? If so this is a sign that enough is enough. Something has to change. Whether that be moving on or setting boundaries, do something now.

3. You Know When Enough is Enough When You Are Rarely Happy

Enough is Enough When Always Unhappy

We can’t always be happy, but we should be more joyful than not. If you find that you are rarely happy, then enough may be enough. This is where many people get stuck in life. We are raised to believe that happiness is only reserved for the lucky. That we are supposed to live a life without happiness because it is normal. That we are supposed to have continuous friction in our relationships or that we are supposed to hate our jobs. We are supposed to put up with toxic family because they are blood. That’s just life right? Wrong.

Perhaps this is why you haven’t made any changes with what you are struggling with. Maybe you think in some way you are not supposed to be happy or you do not deserve to be. You ARE supposed to be happy. It’s okay to have a joyful and fulfilling life, and yes you deserve it. If happiness is something that has been out of reach for you, this is when you know enough is enough. Do whatever it takes to add more joy to your life.

4. You Make Excuses or Take Blame For Others

If you constantly make excuses for someone else’s bad behavior or you feel you are to blame for others’ bad actions, then enough is enough. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Pay attention to what you tell others and yourself about the people and situations in your life. Do you say things like, “Well he didn’t mean it,” or “I pushed him to say what he said,”?  Do you think to yourself or say to others, “I know I’m taken advantage of at work but it pays the bills,” or “I know she puts me down but she is family,”? If you constantly put things back on yourself, enough is enough.

5. Listen To The Universe To Know When Enough Is Enough

Signs from The Universe

This may sound “out there” to some but it is not so far-fetched as you may think. Have you ever felt that something higher than yourself is telling you something? Some people call it intuition, but for me, I like to think the Universe is giving me guidance. There were many times in my life where it seemed I was trying to get through a brick wall to accomplish something, or a door of opportunity was shut in my face. When things like that happen I feel disappointed but in time it always becomes clear that those events were the best for me.

Do not ignore your gut or messages being sent to you. Sit quietly every day to reflect and listen. Pay attention to things that seem out of the ordinary. Normally they are subtle like recurring numbers or a gut feeling. Do not be afraid to ask either. When I’m struggling with something, I literally ask the Universe what I should do. Then I meditate, sit quietly, or be on the lookout for the answer. It usually comes within a day or two. Give it a try.


Know when enough is enough by watching for these signs. If you are constantly drained emotionally, do not recognize yourself, or feel like yourself anymore, then it may be time to move on. If you are rarely happy, you make excuses for others, or you think your intuition or the Universe is telling you something, change may be needed.

What kinds of signs have been presented to you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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