Finding My Superpower

Find, Develop, and Use Your Strengths To Create An Amazing Life!

* This is workbook is also part of the Beyond Enough Bundle.

Do You Feel Unfulfilled?
Do You Want To Live Each Day With Passion and Energy?
Are You Just 'Going Through The Motions' Every Day?

If you answered ‘Yes’, chances are you are not using your strengths on a daily basis. 

It’s time to discover your SUPERPOWER and live through your strengths. The Finding My Superpower Workbook walks you through powerful strategies to find, develop, and use your strengths. 

What if you lived every day through your strengths?

  • You would increase your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You would feel more engergized.
  • You would live with more passion and sense of purpose.
  • You would improve your self-love and self-acceptance.
  • You would stop beating yourself up.
  • You would add more value to those around you.

Helpful Advice
Discover the importance of knowing your strengths and how to drastically change your life by using them.

Proven Strategies
Learn strategies to find your strengths and get real world  examples of how to apply them in your everyday life. 

You will be provided with powerful and practical exercises that will walk you through the strength finding process step-by-step. 

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About Shane

Hi, I’m Shane. I am a certified Mindset and Confidence Coach, author and speaker. My mission is to help those struggling to see their self-worth, stop beating themselves up, build confidence, shift their mindset and truly love who they are. 

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