Prioritize Personal Development

How To Prioritize Personal Development

Personal development should be a top priority every day. It will improve every area of your life including your mental and physical health, your career, your relationships, finances, and so on. Despite the many benefits, however, many do not take the time to prioritize personal development. If you need help making personal growth a part of your life, here are several tips.

Ways To Prioritize Personal Development

Decide That It Should Be A Priority

Until you make a conscious effort to prioritize personal development you never will. Sure you may realize that “you should” do something to improve your life but until you actually commit and make a decision that “you will”, nothing will change. Make a commitment right now that your personal growth is just as important as eating and breathing. Decide that you will no longer put off what you know you need to do.

Read A Personal Development Article Daily

Prioritize personal development by reading articles from self-help blogs daily. If you already have your favorite blogs, then bookmark and visit them on a daily basis. If you do not want to go to all of them one by one, then use a blog aggregate like It’s a free service that allows you to see all of the latest articles from your favorite sources.

If you are still looking for great websites to find personal development articles, then a simple google search will return plenty of options. Here is a tip, if you want to focus on something more specific then use the following format: personal development blogs on [subject matter] (i.e. personal development blogs on confidence).

Take Advantage Of Audiobooks

Audiobooks give us the flexibility to squeeze in personal development where other options aren’t feasible. For example, Americans on average spend between one to two hours a day on the road. This includes going back and forth to work and running errands. Why not use this time to prioritize personal development? Sign up for a service like Audible to listen to personal growth audiobooks. Or download the free Overdrive app and listen to audiobooks from your library. That’s at least 10 hours a week you can spend on personal development.

If you do not commute as often, then use your free time throughout the day to listen to audiobooks. Listen while you brush your teeth and get dressed for the day. Stop scrolling through social media while you sit on the toilet and listen to a book. Have the book playing while you clean the house. Take advantage of the flexibility that audiobooks offer.

Get Up Early To Prioritize Personal Development

Another way you can prioritize personal development is to get up early. Even 15 minutes can drastically improve your life. Use that time to read, meditate, or get some exercise. Determine how much extra time you need in the morning and work your way up to it. For instance, if you want to get up 30 minutes early to exercise, then get up 10 minutes early the first few days. Then gradually increase the time every couple of days until you get to 30 minutes. This will give your body and mind a chance to adjust to getting up earlier.

Set Boundaries

To prioritize personal development, you must set boundaries. Other people and circumstances will always intrude on your personal growth efforts, so boundaries are your best friend. Learn to say no, and stand up for yourself. Being assertive and protecting your valuable development time doesn’t mean you have to be mean or rude. You can do so in a polite, yet firm way. Do not let others stop you from your commitment to be a better person and create a better life.

Develop Routines To Prioritize Personal Development

Another great way to make personal development a part of your life is to incorporate it into your daily routines and make it a habit. Here are some examples to do so.

  • Practice gratitude before you get out of bed in the morning and as you get into bed at night. Take a moment to think about what you are grateful for.
  • Say affirmations as you shower. Affirm your worth, affirm your success, affirm your health, etc.
  • Go for a walk immediately after you eat lunch or dinner every day.

It takes approximately 21 consecutive days to develop a new habit and new routines. As you see from these examples, you can easily add personal growth to your existing routines, or you can create new ones.


Personal development is important. To make it a part of your life, first, decide that it should be a priority. Then be sure to read personal development articles every day, take advantage of audiobooks, and get up early. Also set boundaries and either develop new routines or incorporate development strategies into your existing routines.

How would your life change if you prioritized personal development? Let us know in the comments below.Ā 

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