Learn to accept yourself

Learn To Accept Yourself: 5 Powerful Ways

To accept yourself means to be happy with who you are flaws and all. You know that you have issues, but you also know you can overcome them with hard work and self-love. When you lack self-acceptance you have a tendency to judge yourself and focus completely on your imperfections.  If you do this, you must learn to treat yourself with respect, compassion, and tolerance. Happiness and success in every area of your life begins with the way you feel about and treat yourself.

Accept Yourself With These Strategies

1 – Acknowledge Your Strengths

It’s important to acknowledge all of your strengths. Write out a list of things that you can be proud of. Carry this list around with you every day and refer to them often. This will keep you focus on your positives instead of your negatives.

2 – Stop Saying Negative Things About Yourself

My wife is going to kill me when she reads this but she has a tendency to say, “I suck at life” when she makes a mistake or does something sub-par. It’s of course not true, but saying things like this out loud gives power to them. Doing so sends the message to your mind that you believe it’s true, and this belief starts to manifest itself in your life. This kind of out loud criticism of yourself needs to stop. Don’t give negative spoken words any power.

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3 – Silence Your Negative Thoughts To Accept Yourself

It is completely in your power to stop saying negative things out loud about yourself, but you have no control over thoughts that may come. Negative thoughts will always pop into your mind but you can silence them with affirmations. Say out loud or in your mind the opposite of your negative thought. Here are some examples:

  • Negative thought: “I can’t do anything right.” Positive thought: “I have my own unique way of doing things.”
  • Negative thought: “I’m an idiot.” Positive thought: “I’m smart and can figure out anything.”

You may not believe your new positive thoughts at first but that is okay. After doing this technique over and over, you will believe it.

4 – Write Your Past Self A letter

To accept yourself today, you must forgive yourself of the past. Learning to forgive yourself will give you a new perspective on your past and present self. A great way to do this is to write a letter of forgiveness to your past self. Sit down with a pen and piece of paper and write a compassionate letter of forgiveness. Tell your past self that you forgive them for mistakes and that everything is a learning experience.

5 – Kick Bad Company To The Curb

Do you have a bad friend? Are you surrounded by people who don’t support you? If so, it’s time to get them out of your life. It’s not always easy to do this but it’s important if you want to learn to accept yourself. It’s hard enough battling your inner critic without having someone around, putting you down and not supporting you.

Learning to accept who you are right now is a priority. Do this before working on self-improvement. Love who you are, where you are, and then build on that.

In your life so far, what are the five accomplishments you are most proud of? Why? Let me know in the comments below.


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