Leadership Characteristics

Leadership Characteristics – 7 Must Haves

A good leader means more than a position or title. It means being able to inspire and motivate those around you to perform their best.  To be the best leader you can possibly be, you must possess these 7 leadership characteristics.

Top Leadership Characteristics

1.) Clarity

You must be clear about what you stand for and who you are. You must have focus and vision, and know exactly where you want to lead your people.  It is also important to understand the purpose, mission and goals of your organization and what you need to do to reach them. Likewise, the people who report to you must also understand the organization’s purpose, and know exactly why they do what they do.

2.) Consistency

The second most important of all the leadership characteristics,  behind clarity, is consistency.  A good leader is always consistent and reliable in every situation. Day in and day out, the leader can be depended on and relied upon to perform their duties professionally.  A good leader has the self-discipline to be calm and predictable in all situations.

3.) Competence

To be a good leader, you must set a standard of excellence for your peers, subordinates, and your organization as a whole. Strive to make your organization better than it’s top competitor and continually improve upon products and services.

4.) Commitment

Commitment is often one of the leadership characteristics that fade over time for most. To be a good leader, your commitment to your organization must be unwavering. You must fully believe that in time your organization will be and continue to be the best.  When your commitment is at this level, the people around you will be inspired and motivated to fully invest themselves in the organization as well.

5.) Understand Constraints

As a leader it is your responsibility to completely understand the limiting factors that regulate your organization’s growth. You must then successfully utilize resources (people, money, etc.) to alleviate those constraints. By alleviating constraints and obstacles, your organization will be in a much better position to be a leader in its industry.    

6.) Creativity

Creativity is one of the leadership characteristics that should be encouraged and accepted from the entire organization. A good leader is open to new ideas, and suggestions from everyone. The best ideas do not usually come from the top but from those carrying out the day-to-day tasks of the organization. Encourage people to find better, cheaper and more efficient ways to do things.

7.) Knowledge

Continuously learn and improve your skills.  Leaders are dedicated to attending classes, reading updated materials related to their field and industry as well as attending conferences and seminars.  A good leader also makes training and education a top priority for others.  Most successful individuals and organizations, dedicate at least 10% of their income to training each year.  Encourage those throughout the organization to make a personal commitment to continuous learning and give them the means to do so. Having the smartest and most trained individuals in the industry means being the best in the industry.

Leadership Characteristics in You

As a good leader, you are clear about what you and your organization stand for. You handle every situation that comes your way calmly, professionally and consistently.  The whole organization looks to you as an example of competence and excellence, and you strive to keep your organization at the top. The high level of commitment you have, motivates and inspires those around you to be their best.  You recognize the things that limit the organization and use resources to successfully alleviate those limitations. You encourage creativity, and solicit ideas from everyone to make things better, cheaper and more efficient. Finally, you are always learning and increasing your skills while encouraging others in your organization to do the same.

Develop these 7 leadership characteristics and you will be an effective, successful leader.


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