Keep A Positive Attitude

Keep A Positive Attitude – 9 Simple Hacks

We are constantly surrounded by negativity. From the daily news to stresses at work, to what we see on social media, it’s easy for us to develop a negative attitude. Being negative keeps us stuck in life and prevents us from moving past fear. On the other hand, positivity opens doors of opportunities, keeps us feeling joyful, and fulfilled, but unfortunately developing a positive mindset is much more difficult. With a little bit of effort and the right strategies, however, you can learn to keep a positive attitude. Here are nine simple hacks to do so.

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How To Keep A Positive Attitude

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1. Practice Gratitude Daily

Practicing gratitude will help you keep a positive attitude. Gratitude keeps us focused on the amazing things that we have in our life. Sometimes we can forget this, especially when we are going through difficulties. During trying and stressful times we can get tunnel vision and focus solely on the negative. Gratitude brings us back from complete doom and gloom and helps us stay grounded. Here are a couple of ways to practice gratitude on a daily basis:

Say a Gratitude Prayer

I call it prayer but it doesn’t have to be spiritual. Basically, it is a statement that I read every morning. It has a list of things things that I am grateful for. Take time to formulate a statement of gratitude and hang it in a place you will see it often. Read it aloud every morning before you leave the house or at night before bed.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals are journals specifically made to keep you focused on being thankful. For instance, our Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal and our Everyday Gratitude Journal contains daily prompts and questions designed to help you take advantage of the amazing benefits of gratitude.

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A Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal

2. Prioritize “Me Time”

Another simple hack to keep a positive attitude is to prioritize time for yourself. “Me Time” is important. It gives you a chance to do something you want to do and an opportunity to practice a little self-love. Sometimes we can get so caught up in doing for others that we forget to do anything for ourselves. When this happens, we forget what makes us truly happy and in some cases, we completely forget who we are. I’ve talked to many people who say that even though they love doing for their family, they don’t even know who they are anymore. You can change things around by simply doing for you.

Prioritizing “Me Time” doesn’t have to be time-consuming, cost money, or take away from your family. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. You can go for a peaceful walk every day alone, or relax in a nice hot bath with wine once a week after the kids go to bed. Little things like this go a long way in helping you keep a positive attitude. Self-care is important, so make it a priority.

Keep a Positive Attitude by Practicing Self-Care

3. Utilize The Power of Affirmations To Keep A Positive Attitude

Positive affirmations work to rewire your thinking and your attitude. Affirmations are statements that are said with emphasis and as if already true. To keep a positive attitude use affirmations such as:

  • “I am prepared for whatever challenges me today.”
  • “I have the power and ability to create all the success and prosperity I desire.”
  • “Today, I choose to think positively and I create an amazing and successful life for myself.”

It’s okay if you do not believe these affirmations at first. As you use them every morning and throughout the day, you will begin to believe them and be more positive overall. After all, you started believing all the negative things you tell yourself day in and day out. “Today is going to suck,” “I just know work is going to be painful today,” “nothing ever works out for me.” Why not change what you say to yourself by replacing these negative thoughts with positive affirmations?

4. Keep A Positive Attitude by Laughing More

Finding something to laugh at every day is a powerful way to be more positive and develop a positive attitude. It doesn’t matter how angry or sad you get, if you can find a way to laugh, your mood will improve. Be proactive and purposely find something that will make you laugh. I’m a sucker for Key and Peele skits. It doesn’t matter how crappy my mood is, when I watch those guys I laugh and it instantly improves my attitude. What makes you smile and laugh? Whatever it is, make sure you have more of it in your life.

You can also laugh out loud for absolutely no reason. Laughing and smiling tricks your brain into producing “feel good” hormones. For instance, beat your Monday morning blues by laughing and smiling in your car for no reason on the way to work and watch your frustration and anxiety disappear. Give it a try.

Laugh More To Keep a Positive Attitude

5. Have Frequent Moments of Peace

Throughout the day, take a moment to sit in peace and quiet. Give yourself a few moments in your car when you arrive at work to sit quietly before heading in. Take a walk after lunch alone. Spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom after you get ready for the day. Use these moments to experience a little peace. Try not to listen to music, look at your phone, or anything that will distract you. Do not think about what you have to do later or what happened earlier. Instead, just notice your surroundings and live in that moment.

By having frequent moments of peace, you allow yourself to keep a positive attitude. It’s difficult being negative in a peaceful moment. Especially with no outside distractions and stressors plaguing your thoughts. Squeeze these moments in whenever you can throughout the day. Even two minutes at a time will help.

6. Stop Complaining

Complaining keeps you focused on the negative. Even when you the right to complain, refrain from doing so. It’s perfectly fine to vent and talk to someone when you need to, but keep this to a minimum. If you constantly complain about a bad situation, that bad situation strengthens and will continue manifesting itself. In other words, the more you focus on negativity, the more you attract negativity into your life. If you find yourself complaining, squash it immediately. Stop complaining and keep a positive attitude.

7. Find Inspiration To Keep A Positive Attitude

Keep your positive batteries full by proactively seeking inspiration on a daily basis. Every day, I read positive and inspiring books and articles. I also listen to motivational speakers and watch encouraging videos. This may be overkill for some, but even spending a few minutes a day ingesting positivity, will have an amazing impact on your attitude. Take some time each day to find inspiration.

The key is to be aggressive and proactive in doing so. We are bombarded with negativity day in and day out. The news, our social media feeds, etc. goes to work on our mood at every moment. It is extremely easy to develop a negative attitude throughout our day. Positivity on the other hand is less accessible. So you have to be deliberate in finding it.

Stay Positive with Inspiration

8. Have Something To Look Forward To

When you have something to look forward to, it’s much easier to keep a positive attitude. Think about how you feel at work the week before you go on vacation. You are in a better mood, things don’t bother you as much, and so on. Instead of having one vacation a year or every other year to look forward to, have things scheduled often. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as a week vacation, it can be something as simple as a girls night out this weekend or playing in an upcoming golf tournament. Think about things that really excite you. What things would you love to do and would bring you joy? Schedule them and put them on your calendar. Have at least one thing that you really look forward to scheduled each month.

9. Do More For Others

Keeping a positive attitude can be as simple as doing something nice for someone. When we do for others, it not only makes someone else feel special, it makes us feel special as well. No matter how bad things can get, simple acts of kindness can change things around. For the next week, do something small each day for someone. That can be bringing a cup of coffee to a coworker or emailing someone to tell them how much of a positive impact they have on your life. Do something for someone different each day for a week, and watch your life change. You’ll be more positive, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll make a difference in the lives of others.


Stop letting negativity get the best of you. Keep a positive attitude by practicing gratitude daily, prioritizing “me time”, and using positive affirmations. You can also laugh more, sprinkle moments of peace throughout your day, and refrain from complaining. Finally, you can seek out inspiration, schedule things you look forward to, and do more for others.

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