How To Stop Overthinking: 6 Effective Tips

Are you a chronic over-thinker? Even if it is the smallest thing, do you tend to over analyze it and break it apart until it’s actually bigger than what it is? When you hear positive news, do you obsess on the potential negatives and worry so much that the news is actually causing you anxiety and stress? If so, this level of overthinking can cause low motivation, decreased productivity, and can even lead to depression. Unfortunately, overthinking is not something you can just stop doing today. It takes time and effort but it can be done. The following are 6 ways to help you stop overthinking.

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1.) Recognize You Have an Issue

The first step in controlling your overthinking is to acknowledge you have a problem. You have a problem if overthinking is affecting your decision making or ability to get things done. If overthinking is hurting your ability to have a healthy relationship, you have a problem. If you spend a great deal of time obsessing about tomorrow when you should be enjoying today, you have a problem. When you can become aware that you are overthinking and can call yourself out on it while it’s happening, you can begin to apply solutions.

2.) Challenge Your Beliefs

Those who overthink, tend to create beliefs about the subject that aren’t true. Challenge any negative belief you may have by asking yourself these questions:

How likely will the worst case scenario happen?
Can I be 100% sure this is true?
Will this matter a year from now?
Why is this bothering me?

Question your beliefs and stop overthinking things that are based on assumptions.

3.) Do Something To Keep Busy

Doing something that takes up physical and mental energy will pull you out of your obsessive thinking. Get out and go for a brisk walk, practice Yoga, or hit the gym. Put a puzzle together or play a board game with a friend. If you are laying in bed at night, and can’t sleep because you can’t stop overthinking, get up and do something like read a book. Sleep is important but if you are not going to be able to get rest anyway, you may as well do something that puts your mind at ease.

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4.) Don’t Talk it Out

Talking things out with friends or family to come to a solution about a problem is fine. Dissecting the minor details and revisiting the negative aspect of a problem, on the other hand, will only cause further distress. Scientific studies show that when you enlist others to obsess with you, your body releases large amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol. Belly fat is linked to cortisol. Think about your gut the next time you feel like picking up the phone to co-ruminate.

5.) Let Go of Control

Letting go of control is one of the hardest things to do, but you must work on it. You don’t have control over every circumstance, so do your best not to dwell on it. Trying to control things just causes more frustration, anxiety and fear. I always use the phrase, “If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.” This is true my friends. We may not understand everything that happens, but there is a reason for it. Let it go and let the Universe handle it. Go with the flow.

6.) Realize Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The Law of Attraction says that what your mind focuses on, your reality attracts. If you are always focused on the negative, then you will continue to attract negative experiences. Overthinking is a negativity magnet. Instead, focus on the positive and only the positive.

Overthinking happens to all of us, but when it takes over your life, it is time for a change. If you don’t get it under control, you will never truly live the happy and peaceful life you deserve.  Try to stop overthinking with these 6 tips.

So tell me, how important is it to you to stop overthinking? Let me know in the comments below. 

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