Bring more fun and joy into your life.

How To Bring More Fun And Joy Into Your Life

Can you remember a time in your childhood that you just laughed so hard you cried? I bet you had many moments like that. Whether it was on the playground with your friends or watching a cartoon, you had some pretty fun moments. As kids, we know how to have fun. As adults, the stresses of life make it harder to laugh and play. If you are looking to bring more fun and joy into your life, as you had when you were younger, these 5 tips will help.

“Create moments. Don’t wait for them.”

1 – Seek Inspiration

Every day we are bombarded with negative news and posts. To bring more fun and joy into your life, you need to counteract this with positive stories and messages on a daily basis. Here are a couple of ideas.

Follow Positive Social Media Pages

There are tons of inspirational people and organizations on social media. Follow someone who inspires you. Instagram is great for fitness inspiration, Twitter is great for inspiring quotes, and Facebook is great for uplifting stories and videos. Follow me on Instagram Here!

Read Positive Blogs

Find blogs that only focus on positivity. Aggregate your favorite blogs using a free tool like Feedly and spend some time each day reading articles that will uplift you. Coming back here daily is a great place to start.

2 – Schedule More Of What You Love

Notice I am not just saying “Do more of what you love.” This is because chances are you never will! You have to schedule it. Literally, put something you love doing on your calendar and set it up as recurring. To bring more fun and joy into your life, you actually have to make a commitment to yourself. Do you like treating yourself to a mani/pedi? Have a monthly recurring calendar appointment. Do you like playing golf with your friends? Schedule it. Do you like having a friend’s night out? Put it on your calendar right now.

3 – Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? There are actually scientific studies out there that suggest doing for others actually increases your overall happiness. To bring more fun and joy into your life, make an effort to give back. You can volunteer or do something simple to show your appreciation for a loved one or colleague. Try to do something nice for someone every day.

4 – Connect With Your Spiritual Self

I personally believe in God and I feel more joyful and at peace knowing that He is looking out for me. Whether you believe in a God, a Universal presence or whatever, recognize that there is a higher power  that is working to make your life more fulfilled. Connect with your spiritual self. Doing this will make it much easier to bring more fun and joy into your life. Go to church, mediate, seek knowledge and enlightenment. Whatever feels right for you.

5 – Stop Worrying So Much

I know, I know. That is much easier said than done, however, it CAN be done. Work on eliminating your stress and worry. Here are a couple of tips:


Meditation will help calm your mind and bring clarity and focus to situations. Many times we overanalyze and think of worse possible outcomes. Meditating will help keep this in check.

Live In The Moment

When things get to be too much, just stop and live in the moment. This means take some time to stop thinking about your issues and observe your surroundings. What colors do you see? Who is around? What sounds do you hear? Doing this will get your mind off of worrying thoughts.

If you want to bring more fun and joy into your life, start with these strategies. Laugh and enjoy life.

What do you do for fun and enjoyment? How can you bring more of it into your life?

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