How To Be Positive

How To Be Positive In Life – 8 Daily Habits

To be positive in life you must take a proactive approach. I’m sure we all know that one person who is so naturally positive it’s sickening, but for most of us it takes work! It’s hard to stay positive, especially this day in age. The good news, however, is that despite your circumstances, you can be a more positive person. You can be less negative and not let things bother you so much. It takes work but here are some simple daily habits that will make you one of those annoyingly positive people too. Well, maybe.

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1 – Live In The Moment To Be Positive In Life

To be positive in life, it’s important to spend time each day living in the moment. What does living in the moment mean? It means that for a time, focus on the right here and right now. Don’t focus on what you have to do later or what happened earlier, but focus on what is going on around you right now. When you can learn to do this effectively, your mind will become more at ease and peaceful. You can give yourself a break from all the worries and stress in your life.

Here are some ways you can practice living in the moment:

Go for a walk.

Not only is walking great for your body, but it’s great for your mind as well. When you walk, try not to think about your troubles in life. Instead, notice what you see and hear. Pay attention to how the wind is blowing. What birds do you hear? Doing this will keep you in the moment.

Get creative.

Do something creative to live in the moment and be positive in life. It doesn’t matter if you have talent or not, paint or draw something. Write a poem. Do you like crafting? Then do something crafty for an upcoming holiday, special occasion, or for no reason at all. When you are creative, you force your thoughts to focus on the task at hand instead of life’s stressors.

Play with your kids.

For you parents out there, you can live in the moment by playing with your kids. Get on the floor with your littles and wrestle around. Put together a puzzle or go to the park and play. For older kids, get into a board game. Not only will you bond with your kids, but as you know, they will consume all of your attention and energy in the moment.

Here are more ways to live in the moment.

2 – Ingest Something Positive, Motivational and inspirational Every Day

One thing is for sure, being negative in this day in age is easy. Our minds are bombarded with negativity. Social media and 24-hour news cycles enable negative news to travel at light speed. On the other hand, positivity is something that you have to go out and look for. It is not as easily accessible as negativity.

Remember this: Negativity in, negativity out. Positivity in, positivity out.

You have to be proactive when it comes to ingesting positivity. Here are some ways to do it.

Subscribe to positive podcasts to be positive in life.

Spend your time listening to podcasts like this one to improve yourself and hear inspiring stories.

Read positive blogs.

Have a list of blogs bookmarked that you can go to daily and read positive and motivating stories. I use to collect all of the blogs I want to follow. Feedly allows me to see all of my positive blog sources in one spot. It’s also free so give it a try.

Spend more time with positive people.

If you know others who seem to be pretty positive, spend more time with them. Especially that annoyingly positive associate of yours. On the other hand if you know negative people, spend less time with them. That brings me to my third way to be positive.

3 – Limit Your Exposure To Negativity

It’s impossible to avoid negativity completely. It’s all around us like I mentioned earlier, but there are some things you can do to at least limit your exposure to it.

Stop receiving and spreading gossip.

A great way to limit your exposure to negativity and be positive in life is to stop gossiping and talking bad about others. I’m a firm believer that when you put negative energy out there, you’ll get it right back. If you are around other people gossiping, walk away or change the subject.

Unfollow negative friends and family on social media.

Not only should you limit your physical exposure to negative friends and family, but you should also limit your online exposure to them as well. If your family and friends typically post things that generate a negative emotional response for you, then unfollow them. Most social networks these days allow you to unfollow someone but still be friends with them. That way it doesn’t look like you are completely cutting ties.

Limit your exposure to news.

It’s easy to spend an entire day with news on in the background. Instead, get your daily fix of the news, then turn it off. Allow yourself 30 minutes or an hour to catch up with current events then go about your day. If you work in an office that has the news on all day, put some headphones on and listen to some uplifting music or a positive podcast.

4 – Focus On What You Have, Not What You Don’t Have

You have two choices every day. One is to focus on what you have, and the other is to focus on what you don’t have. It’s easy to stay negative and down all the time when we focus on the things that we don’t have. “I don’t have enough money,” “I wish I was in a relationship,” “I wish my family were more supportive.” Thoughts like these typically dominate our thinking, and keeps us from being able to focus on things that we do have. For instance, if you spent more time focused on the fact that you have a steady paycheck instead of how much you hate your boss, you’d be a little more positive about your job. Not everything is perfect right now, but spend more time focused on the positive aspects of things and be grateful for what you do have.

5 – Stop Sweating The Small Stuff To Be Positive In Life

We spend so much time and energy stressing over things that do not matter. Don’t, we already have enough to worry about in life? We don’t need to complicate it further by letting things we can’t control steal our joy. So what if someone cut you off in traffic? Is it worth getting upset if someone was a little bit late? Do you really want your irritation to boil over if your husband forgot to empty the dishwasher (ahem… my beautiful wife)?

A great way to stop sweating the small stuff is to ask yourself 3 questions.

Will this matter in a year?

Most often the thing you are stressing over won’t matter in a year, month or even a week.

How much does this affect me?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is this to me? 1 is not at all, and 10 would be life changing. Is getting cut off on the way home a 9 or 10 for you? Probably more like a 2 or 3. React accordingly.

Which bucket will I fill?

Imagine you are walking around with two buckets all day. One for positivity and one for negativity. Each time something negative happens to you or you have a negative thought, put a drop in the negativity bucket. Each time something positive happens or you have a positive thought, put a drop in the positive bucket. Which bucket do you want to weigh more at the end of each day? That is a good measure of how positive or negative you are in general.  How many times do you go to sleep at night with a heavy negative bucket?

6 -Affirm Your Way To Positivity

A powerful tool that you can use to be positive in life is to simply affirm it. Positive affirmations should be a part of your routines. Every day affirm things like:

  • “Today is going to be a great day.”
  • “I am attracting good news and success.”
  • “I am overcoming all challenges and obstacles with positivity.”

Make it a habit to affirm things like this first thing in the morning, throughout the day and in the evening. Words have power. Use this to your advantage.

Click here for more positivity affirmations. 

7 – Do More Of What You Love To Be Positive In Life

If I had to only give you only one strategy from this list, it would be to do more of what you love. When you are doing something you enjoy and love, you are naturally more positive, happier, and fulfilled. Often people do not do things they enjoy because everything and everyone else are priority. The kids come first, work comes first, chores comes first, etc. Where are you on that list? You should be priority number one. When you are on top of the list, you have more of yourself to give, you have more energy, you are happier, and you are more positive. It’s a win-win for everyone. Overcome guilt, and overcome excuses and do something every day that you enjoy.

8 – Smile More

Even if you aren’t in the mood to smile, smiling is the simplest and most effective way to boost your positivity instantly. Studies even show that utilizing the muscles in the face to smile, creates a chemical reaction in the brain that improves your mood. For those of you with RBF (resting b. face) it may seem a little strange to contort your face into a smile, but you can to do it! Practice smiling in your car on your way to work, sitting at your desk, in the hall, at the grocery store, everywhere. Try it!

If you want to be positive, adopt these 8 daily habits. Live in the moment, ingest positivity, limit your exposure to negativity, focus on what you have, stop sweating the small stuff, affirm positivity, do more of what you love, and smile more.

How could your life change, if you experienced the world as a more positive person? Let me know in the comments.

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