How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy: The 5 Fundamentals

Being happy means something different to each person. For one person it may mean being able to be financially free. For another it may be working in a job they love. Yet for another, happiness might mean having the perfect physique. What I have discovered, is that items such as these never really bring you true happiness. Sure they will bring you joy, but not true, lasting happiness. In this article, I’m going to show you how to be happy and create the life you want and deserve.

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What Being Happy is NOT

Happiness is not losing a certain amount of weight. It is not about being rich, or being financially free. Happiness is not having every day just being picture perfect. Why? Because once you achieve these things, you’ll soon realize that the happiness they bring is not everlasting. These all are circumstantial and can be gone in a second. If being happy depends on these things, then an injury or illness, a job loss, or a stroke of bad luck will destroy your happiness in an instance. Should these circumstances have that much control over you? Your happiness, true happiness, MUST COME FROM WITHIN. Not from another person, circumstance, or thing. You must control your own happiness.

Example of Mistaken Happiness

I know several people, including myself at times in my life, that felt the only way to happiness was through a winning lottery ticket. That is sad to think about but that is the reality of today. Many people hang their hopes and dreams on a 1$ ticket. “If only I can win this Powerball, my life would change.” If you are on the wrong side of statistics, you’d be broke in about 5 years and much worse off than you are right now. Why? Because money does not create happiness. If anything, it creates more problems. Winning the lottery is not lasting. It doesn’t fulfill our inner needs.

Jack Whittaker won 315 million dollars in 2002 and says he wish he had torn up his ticket. It caused turmoil in his family which led to his daughter and granddaughter’s drug overdose.

Sandra Hayes split 224 million in 2006 and it completely changed her relationships with her friends and family. She says, “These are people who you’ve loved deep down, and they’re turning into vampires trying to suck the life out of me.” She went on to say how it caused her a lot of emotional pain.

These aren’t just isolated incidents. It happens more often than not. So you may need to do some soul-searching if you are relying on a lottery ticket to bring you happiness

The point that I’m making is that certain milestones or windfalls in your life does not create lasting happiness. They will bring joy, no doubt about that, but they will not last forever. Sooner or later, that magic will fade away. Happiness comes from within you. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, how much money you have, how much in shape you are, being happy only comes from within you. If you can’t learn to be happy with what you have now, you won’t be happy when your situation changes.

You must be able to create your own happiness. Which if you think about it, is a great thing.

How To Be Happy

First, you must realize that being happy is a journey. Things change throughout your life. Desires change, goals change, so don’t get caught up on a fixed set of wants.

Second and most importantly, you must practice positive habits, and take meaningful actions every single day. That is the key to being happy.

So what kinds of habits, and what kinds of actions?

There are lots of great articles and resources out there that teach you how to live a blissful life, but I believe there are 5 fundamentals that are key to being happy.

Happiness Fundamentals

  1. Understand, Accept, and Love Yourself
  2. Show Others Love
  3. Gain Clarity
  4. Change Your Thinking
  5. Be Mindful of Your Time

The 5 Fundamentals of Happiness

1 – Understand, Accept, and Love Yourself

The first fundamental in learning how to be happy is to understand, accept, and love yourself. You must understand the things that make you tick, and how your belief system is dictating your life. Figure out your top values, get rid of your self-limiting beliefs, and learn to love yourself.

2 – Show Others Love

Humans are social beings and we use emotions to connect us to people and the things that happen in our lives. Love is special because it is a gift that is most enjoyed by giving it away. Think of how great it feels to do something nice for someone. They are appreciative and thankful. Nothing comes close to this type of feeling and it will go a long way to create happiness in your life. Two effective ways to show others love is by practicing gratitude and giving of yourself. Many people miss the mark on these two but by doing both, you will create more happiness in your life.

3 – Gain Clarity

To be happy you must have clarity in your life. This is a major difference between those you are joyful and those who are not. You must find your life purpose, and take meaningful and determined actions.

4 – Change Your Thinking

You must change your thinking if you want to be happy. Thinking negative works against our well-being. Learn to develop a growth mindset in every single area of your life.

5 – Be Mindful of Your Time

Don’t we live our lives like robots? We get up, we go to work, we come home, we run errands, we eat, go to bed, then repeat. We are alive today to live. We’re supposed to enjoy our lives and take advantage of each moment that we have been given. If you do not understand how to be mindful and live in the moment, life will pass you by. Time is the one gift we have that we will never get back. It is the most valuable thing in the Universe. Just ask anyone on their death bed. Don’t have regret.

If you focus on these 5 fundamentals every day, and practice habits in those areas you will begin living a happier, more fulfilling life. I guarantee that.


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