Find Peace and Quiet

9 Easy Ways To Find Peace and Quiet

Life can get hectic. The kids, news, social media, work, neighbors, friends, and family can add to an endless stream of chaos. I’ve learned that the older I get, the more that peace and quiet become valuable and more desirable. If you are anything like me, and you just want a little more calm in your life, here are 9 easy ways to find peace and quiet.

“Quiet and peaceful moments bring us closer to our soul’s true purpose.” – Leslie Cassidy

How To Find Peace and Quiet

1. Get Noise-Cancelling Headphones

They make some pretty good noise-canceling headphones these days. You can find peace and quiet anywhere and at any time with these devices. I once lived in an apartment with extremely thin walls. I had a hard time focusing on anything other than the noise coming from all around me. It wasn’t until I invested in some good headphones that I was able to drown out all of the chaos. The beauty of these headphones is that you can easily put them on and take them on the go with you. Take them to work, on the airplane, when you are at a hotel, etc. With music or no music playing, these headphones can instantly and easily create peace.

2. Unplug from Technology To Find Peace and Quiet

Chaos doesn’t just occur from outside noise alone, it can occur inside our minds as well. Find peace by quieting your thoughts. A great way to do this is to unplug from electronics for at least 30 minutes a day. Turn off your phone and your TV. Avoid surfing the web. Instead, pick up a book or just sit quietly. Once you can unplug for 30 minutes without having technology withdrawals, increase it to an hour.

3. Take A Walk To Find Peace and Quiet

Find Peace and Quiet By Walking

Get some exercise, fresh air, and find peace and quiet by taking a walk every day. I try to get out and walk at least once every day. Typically right after I eat lunch. When I do, I try not to think about anything. Instead, I practice mindfulness by focusing on what I hear and see. Take a walk every day to find calmness. Even a 15-minute stroll will be effective.

4. Designate A Peace and Quiet Zone In Your Home

Create a peaceful area in your home where you do not allow any outside distraction. In this place, have no electronics and preferably a lock on the door. It can be a place as simple as a closet. Set up ground rules with others in your home not to bother you when you are in there. Use that space to sit quietly, meditate, or just get away from it all.

5. Spend More Time In The Bathroom

Not in all cases (especially if you have little kids running around), but for the most part, people leave you alone when you are in the bathroom. Instead of rushing to finish, spend an additional 10 minutes or longer to decompress and find peace and quiet. Or just pretend you have to use the bathroom just to get away from it all.

Find Calmness in the Bathroom

6. Find A Peaceful Hobby

Get involved in a peaceful hobby. Start collecting stamps, get into scrapbooking, or go birdwatching. If you prefer something more physical, then try golf, yoga, or take up shuffle boarding. Get your creative juices flowing by learning pottery, painting, or drawing. There are some pretty surprising things that you can get involved in that will help you find peace and quiet. Aim to spend time every week devoted to your hobby. Carve out an hour or two from your busy life to do something calm just for you.

7. Find Peace and Quiet In Your Car

Your car is an excellent way to bring calmness into your life. You can either use it as a getaway from the chaos from the office or at home, or as a sanctuary on your commute. You don’t always have to have the radio going on your way to work or to run errands. Drive silently and sit with your thoughts or just observe the world around you.

8. Take a Trip To The Library

Find Peace at the Library

Have you been to the library lately? If you haven’t, it’s like a totally different world there. Almost everywhere we go these days is filled with chatter and noise, but a library is nothing like that. When you walk through the doors of your local library and experience the sounds of almost nothing, it will feel surreal. So much in fact that your whole body will feel at peace. Take a trip to the library and look for a good book or sit in one of the many quiet spots available and do absolutely nothing. It’s energizing!

9. Get Up Early

My most peaceful time of day is early in the morning before everyone else wakes up. It’s quiet, and I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts and full run of the house. Try getting up 30 minutes early to take advantage of this peaceful time.


Finding calmness these days is difficult but not impossible. Use these 9 easy ways to find peace and quiet in your life. Get noise-canceling headphones, unplug from technology, and take a daily walk. You can also designate a peace and quiet zone in your home, spend more time in the bathroom, and find a peaceful hobby. Finding peace and quiet in your car, the library, and before everyone else wakes up is also very effective. Use one or all of these strategies to add more calmness to your day.

What peace and quiet strategy resonates with you most? Let us know in the comments below.Ā 

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