Be more honest with yourself

Be More Honest With Yourself – 5 Ways

What does being honest with yourself mean? It means being truthful about what is really going on in your life, free from excuses and pointing fingers. Are you familiar with these excuses? “This job isn’t that bad, at least it pays the bills.” How about, “I’m better off in this dysfunctional relationship than being single and alone.” If you feel deep down that maybe you are deceiving yourself about certain areas of your life, then it’s time for a change. It’s time to be more honest with yourself. Here are 5 ways to do it.

How To Be More Honest With Yourself

1 – Get Clear About The Balance In Your Life

A great way to get clear about just how balanced and healthy the areas of your life are, is to do the ‘Wheel of Life’ worksheet. You can find this worksheet in our Self Improvement Workbook. Essentially you rate each area of your life, including career, family, relationships, social time, etc. Just seeing it on paper is mind-blowing. Many people don’t realize how unbalanced their life is until they see it in front of them.

2 – Be More Honest With Yourself By Recognizing Your Weaknesses

No one is perfect. Everyone has weaknesses but not everyone will admit they have them. Not even to themselves. Sit down with a piece of paper and prepare for some serious self-reflection. On the sheet of paper, write a list of your weaknesses, and also write a list of strengths. After you’ve done this, ask yourself, “What one small action can I take to address my weaknesses?” Then ask yourself, “What one small thing can I do to utilize my strengths?”Ā  For example, if you have a problem with your anger and you can blow up at a moment’s notice, you can try counting down from 10 when you feel an outburst coming on. That is one small thing you can do.

3 – Stop Pointing Blame

You can be more honest with yourself by saying to yourself, “My happiness and success is my responsibility, no one else’s.” It’s not your co-worker’s fault, it’s not your spouse’s fault, it’s not your parent’s fault. Work to deal with negative people in your life but stop pointing blame. You will have the power to turn things around in your life once you accept responsibility.

4 – Seek Help

Sometimes we need a sounding board that’s not one of our family members or friends. A professional, whether that be a life coach or therapist, will help you look at things in your life from a different perspective. They may be able to point out things to you that no one else has before.

5 – Forgive Yourself

Many times we lie to ourselves because we don’t want to admit our faults. “I’m this way because my parents raised me this way.” “I’m broke because I am not able to get a better job.” These lies and limiting beliefs keep us safe and in our comfort zone. As long as we don’t have to look ourselves in the mirror and say “hey, I’m to blame for all of this,” we get by just fine. This way of thinking needs to be changed. You can change it and be more honest with yourself by forgiving yourself. Yes, you made mistakes, but that was the past and this is now. From this day forward, things can be different.

If you want to improve in your finances, your love life, your health, confidence, positivity, you have to start looking in the mirror. Your success depends on it. If you can’t be more honest with yourself, then no matter how hard you try to improve things in your life, you’ll never get there.

What’s one thing you can do today, that will help you be more honest with yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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