Be More Decisive

Be More Decisive With These 6 Tips

We all have trouble deciding sometimes. It’s a part of life. We want to make sure we do whatever is best. If you always have issues making decisions, however, it can be a sign of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. If you want to be more decisive, here are 6 tips that will help.

Be More Decisive With These 6 Tips

1 – Realized Being Indecisive Is The Same As Making A Decision

When you do not make a decision, you are making a decision. Something is going to happen regardless. You begin with all the power to make the choice. Are  you going to decide to keep it, or are you going to decide to give it away? Either way, there will be a result.

2 – Every Decision Is Positive So Stop Worrying

If your decision is a home run, great! If not, you can learn from it. No decision is a waste. The person who fails the most wins in the end. You become wise and able to make better decisions going forward.

3 – Decide Quickly

Not all decisions can be made quickly, but most can. The longer you wait, the more that indecisiveness and worry will creep in. Make a habit of giving yourself a timeline to decide. Minor decisions like where to eat for dinner should only take a few seconds to a minute. Important business decisions should take 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, you’ll want to give yourself more time for life-changing decisions but always give yourself a timeline and stick with it.

4 – Decide To Be More Decisive

Decide that you will be more decisive. Visualize yourself making decisions quickly and effectively. Decide that when faced with a decision no matter how small, you will act on it. Being indecisive is a choice, it’s not something you are born with.

5 – Realize Mistakes Happen and Nothing is Perfect

Mistakes will happen when you become more decisive. They also happen and often do, when you are indecisive. All you can do is learn from your experience and look for the positive.

6 – Trust Your Gut To Be More Decisive

My last tip is to trust your gut. Don’t underestimate that little voice in your head that speaks to you. Intuition is a powerful ally to be more decisive. Your instinct is the first thing that pops into your mind. Don’t silence it by over-analyzing or getting fearful.

In the end, being indecisive can cause you more grief than being decisive. Sure you can make mistakes being decisive but you can potentially make bigger mistakes by being indecisive. Think back to a time when you were indecisive about something. What do you regret? Did you miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime? Don’t have those regrets moving forward. You have a choice, and you have the power. Decide from this day on that you will be more decisive.

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