Anxiety Affirmations – 35 To Calm Your Mind

Affirmations are a powerful tool for personal growth, healing, motivation, inspiration, and more. It is also very effective in calming your mind when you are stressed or overly worried. When I used to struggle with anxiety, I would have recurring thoughts of worst-case scenarios. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t shake the doom and gloom. That wasn’t until I learned to use the power of affirmations to interrupt my anxious thoughts. As powerful as your mind is, it can only hold one thought at a time. Use this to your advantage by replacing your worrying and stressful thoughts with positive words. Here are 35 anxiety affirmations that you can use to calm your mind.

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Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. “I trust the process of life.”
  2. “I deserve all that is good.”
  3. “All is well in my world and I am safe.”
  4. “I am easily releasing all tension.”
  5. “I inhale happiness and exhale fear.”
  6. “I am strong enough to overcome any challenge.”
  7. “I let go of my worries easily.”
  8. “I have the courage to make this day great.”
  9. “I am releasing what does not serve me and my best interests.”
  10. “I accept things that I cannot change.”

My Best Interests Anxiety Affirmations

You’ll notice that these anxiety affirmations usually begin with “I am” and are in the present tense. This is important when using affirmations. It empowers you right here and right now and goes to work on the worries and stress you are currently experiencing. Affirmations also only work on YOU. They are not intended to change others. The only thing we can really control is ourselves.

  1. “I am cool, calm, and collected.”
  2. “I am in complete control of my emotions.”
  3. “I find joy in the little things.”
  4. “I deserve to be successful and happy.”
  5. “I have a positive outlook no matter the situation.”
  6. “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”
  7. “Peace is my middle name.”
  8. “All of my feelings are valid but I am in control.”
  9. “My challenges bring me better opportunities.”
  10. “I can let go of my worries and come back to them when needed.”

Positive Outlook Affirmation

When using anxiety affirmations, try not to focus on the negative. For example, instead of saying, “I am not full of anxiety,” say “I am peaceful and free.” In the first instance, this type of affirmation still keeps the focus on anxiety in a negative way, “full of anxiety.” The second example is much better because it puts you in a positive state.

  1. “Every cell in my body is peaceful and calm.”
  2. “I am relaxed even when life is difficult or stressful.”
  3. “I have everything I need within me.”
  4. “I feel centered and grounded.”
  5. “I am capable of anything I set my mind to.”
  6. “My choices are wise and sound.”
  7. “I accept peace, happiness, and calmness into my life.”
  8. “I take the time to be joyful and positive whenever I can.”
  9. “It’s okay to fail, at least I learn and grow.”
  10. “I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously.”

You Are Capable Affirmation

Most of the anxiety affirmations you find here are general. You can make them more powerful by making them more detailed and specific to your situation. Make them unique to you. For example, say you have anxiety about finding a job, instead of saying, “I am attracting my perfect job,” say “I am attracting a job that pays [x] and will give me joy and fulfillment.” Fill in the blanks as much as possible.

  1. “My mind body and spirit are strong.”
  2. “I am creating inner peace.”
  3. “I am writing my own story.”
  4. “I create solutions.”
  5. “I easily adjust to new situations and circumstances.”


When you feel anxiety, use any of these anxiety affirmations to calm your mind. Choose one or two that resonate with you and repeat them over and over either out loud or in your head. Even if you do not believe them as you say them, keep saying them anyway. To make them even more powerful, visualize yourself as being calm and everything working out perfectly. What you’ll find is that your anxiety, fear, and stress will begin to subside. If you stop, and your anxiety returns, repeat the process.

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