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7 Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

One of the hardest things to do is overcome self-doubt. It is difficult to overcome that voice in your head that tells you, “you can’t do it.” I’ve struggled with this a lot in my own life. Especially when I set out on accomplishing a new goal. At first, things are going great, you have a lot of motivation and then all of that excitement fades away. Then self-doubt creeps in and you start to question whether you are good enough, or smart enough, or have what it takes. Even still, I struggle with self-doubt at times. If you do too, that’s okay. It’s just something that we all have to overcome when that little voice inside your head starts yelling “you can’t do it.” Today, I’m going to help you quiet that negative voice. I’m going to give you 7 strategies that will help you overcome self-doubt when it starts creeping in.

Overcome Self-Doubt With These Tips

1 – Tell That Self-Doubting Voice To Shut The Hell Up

When the voice of self-doubt starts talking, tell it to shut the hell up. Do your best to quiet it immediately. Don’t listen to it tell you, “you are not good enough,” or “you can’t do it”. Instead say to yourself, “You are not my real voice,” “I will not listen to you.” Talk back to it and overpower it.

2 – Listen to Something Inspirational and Motivational to Overcome Self-Doubt

Another great way to overcome self-doubt is to listen to something motivational and inspirational. This is an instant cure for me. I watch some of my favorite inspirational YouTube videos and it gets me so pumped up again with the belief that anything is possible. Bookmark some of your favorites.

I also listen to music to overcome self-doubt. This works on those mornings that I don’t feel like working out and I feel that I’m not making any progress. Listening to music that boosts my motivation gets me right back to feeling I can lift all day.

3 – Overcome Self-Doubt with Positive Affirmations

I suggest affirmations for everything don’t I? Yes I do. Because they work! Overcome self-doubt with positive spoken words. When you start to think, “I can’t,” say aloud “I can.” When you start to think, “I’m not cut out for this,” say aloud, “I’m perfect for this.” When you start to think, “I’ll never get there,” say “Nothing can stop me.” Positive affirmations is a strong weapon to keep you motivated and on track.

Read more about affirmations here. 

4 – Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

We are on our own path. Don’t worry about what others are doing and certainly don’t compare yourself. We have this tendency to get upset when someone who does the same thing as us is way ahead, or more successful. “They have more customers than me,” “They are in better shape than me because they have the right body type.” Whatever you compare, stop it right now. You are on a different road than they are. Focus on your path. You’ll have obstacles on your own road that you are going to have to concentrate on, don’t distract yourself by looking at what someone else is doing.

There’s this great image that came out of the RIO Olympics. It’s a photo of Michael Phelps swimming, concentrating on his own lane and his own strokes. Next to him, there is another guy from another country in another lane, slightly behind, that is staring at Michael. Instead of focusing on his own lane, he is focusing on his competition. Don’t be that guy. Phelps won by the way.


5 – Think of Past Accomplishments

Most of us have this amazing ability to forget all the great accomplishments we have had in our lives. I bet you couldn’t tell me 5 great things you did in school, but can give me 20 things that you did to embarrass yourself. Why do we do that to ourselves? You’ve had so many great accomplishments. To overcome self-doubt when it sneaks up on you, think of something you did before that makes you feel proud. If you did it before, you can do it again.

6 – Avoid Worthless Criticism

Once you start getting some success, be prepared for criticism. Not all criticism is bad and we can always learn from valuable feedback, but you’ll find (if you haven’t already) that there are just a lot of haters out there. DO NOT let them dictate your own self-worth and abilities. If you know of certain sources that always put you down and do not offer any value, avoid them or quickly bypass them.

7 – See Setbacks as Opportunities

No one can avoid setback and failure. The most successful people in life have failed more times than you can imagine. Why are they so successful then? Because they know how to overcome self-doubt. See every failure and setback as an opportunity. What can you learn? What can you do different?

How can you overcome self-doubt? You must tell that self-doubting voice inside your mind to shut the hell up, listen to something motivational and inspirational, say positive affirmations, don’t compare yourself to others, think of past accomplishments, avoid worthless criticism, and see setbacks as opportunities.

Question: Which one of these strategies are likely to help you overcome self-doubt? Why?

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