Look Confident

6 Simple Ways To Look Confident

A great way to feel confident is to work on looking confident. When you work on how you look and act, it will carry over internally. Here’s how to look confident, which will help you FEEL confident.

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How To Look Confident

1. Stand Tall

Your posture has a lot to say about your confidence. If you want to look confident, always stand tall. Avoid slouching, even at your desk. The key here is to stand tall and have good posture all the time. Not just when you are in the company of others. Remember, true confidence comes from within. So when you stand tall 24/7, it will transfer over internally.

2. Look People In The Eye

Try not to stare intently when you are talking with someone, but don’t look away or look down either. Look them in the eye when talking. Looking away, and avoiding eye contact conveys an attitude of disinterest, a lack of knowledge, or low self-esteem. This is the opposite of what you want. This may take some practice. For some, looking people in the eye is uncomfortable, but it’s an important part of how to look confident.

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3. Dress To Impress To Look Confident

Always have your clothes prepared. This means ironing your clothes before you leave the house. You don’t have to dress fancy or be overdressed for an occasion, but the clothes you wear should not look dingy or like you just pulled them out of the dryer. Your shoes should also be polished and clean. Whatever you do, don’t be the person at the grocery store in your PJs, and slippers. That just looks sloppy. Look confident by being put together.

4. Smile And Say Hi

Saying hello and hi to people, including strangers is a great way to appear confident. You’ll not only look like a person of confidence, but friendly, approachable, and warm as well. You’ll find that more people will like you and more willing to be friendly in return.

5. Firm Handshake

It doesn’t matter how good you put yourself together, how much you smile, or even how well you can look people in the eye, if your handshake is like a dead fish, just throw appearing confident right out the window. Don’t have a dead fish handshake. Look more confident by gripping someone’s hand firmly and confidently.

6. Listen More Than You Speak To Look Confident

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Wise and confident people are quiet and listen. Many people have this idea that being confident means dominating the conversation or always having something to say. It doesn’t. It just makes that person come off as arrogant. Arrogance and confidence are not the same things. Aim to be the mysterious, quiet, confident one, instead of the loud, obnoxious one. If you have something to contribute that adds real value to a conversation, great! By all means, speak. If you don’t, just keep quiet and keep smiling.

Confidence is a process. It must come from within which takes time, but you can appear confident right now. Look confident immediately with these 6 simple tips.

Which of these 6 do you need to work on most? Let me know in the comments below. 

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