Negative body image signs

5 Signs You Have A Negative Body Image

Body image issues often do not reflect reality. A person who may be seen as sexy and hot to many may see themselves as ugly and unattractive. It’s all about what your mind sees when you look in the mirror. If you are wondering if you have a negative body image, here are some signs to consider.

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5 Signs Of A Negative Body Image

1 – You Obsess Over Certain Parts of Your Body

When you look in the mirror, do you tend to focus on one part or another? If you focus and obsess on the way your chin sags, or the space between your eyes, for example, chances are you have a negative body image.

2 – You Are Awkward Around Others

People who have body image issues also have problems in social settings. They may think to themselves, “they are all looking at my ____”. They are so convinced that people just want to laugh at the way they look that they start to change the way they act just to conceal a perceived flaw. Is this you? If so, this is a sign of a negative body image.

3 – You Feel Insecure After Watching A TV Show, Movie, or Read a Magazine

If you have a tendency to feel less than, when you see a super sexy swimsuit model or super built movie star, then you may have a negative body image. Celebrities and models in magazines are typically not your average body type. They go to the extremes to look the way they do. This type of look is unrealistic for many of us. If you feel bad or insecure after being exposed to a look that you may never achieve, it may be time to cut the cord for a while.

4 – There Are People in Your Life That Put You Down

Even if someone is family and loves you, sometimes little digs here and there about the way you look can have a major impact on your self-esteem and body image. If you are around people who give you back-handed comments such as, “Oh your little pooch looks so cute,” or are blatantly rude such as “Wow you are starting to show your age,” chances are you have developed a negative body image.

5 – You May Have A Negative Body Image If You Constantly Check The Mirror

People with a negative body image tend to look in the mirror often. They repetitively analyze a perceived defect. If you have to look in the mirror many times during the day, you probably have an unhealthy body image.

These are just several signs that indicate you have a negative body image. All of us at times in our lives’ are a little insecure about our body, but if it controls your life, it’s time to take action.

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