Boost your mood

3 Ways To Boost Your Mood

Listening to people grumble and moan today made me think of ways people can turn that attitude around. We can’t always start our day off on a positive note, we are only human. The problem comes when we can’t pull ourselves out of it. Our mood not only affects the people around us, but it attracts negative circumstances. Get out of your funk with these 3 ways to boost your mood.

1 – Focus On Your Goals

Your goals should drive you. They should serve as a point of inspiration and motivation. When you want to boost your mood, imagine having already accomplished them. Feel the emotions behind being in perfect shape, or having the job you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll easily bring yourself out of your rut and into a better mood instantly.

2 – Affirmations

When negative thoughts pop into your mind, counteract them with positive affirmations. So if you are on your way to work and all you dwell on is how busy you’ll be, how much you hate having to be there, having to deal with your boss or lazy co-workers, turn that around with positive opposites. So say aloud, “Today is going to be a productive day,” “I am so grateful for my job,” “I’m going to get the recognition I deserve,” “My co-worker is going to be a big help today.” Even if you don’t believe the words that you speak, your mood will see a shift towards the positive. Give it a try tomorrow on your way to work to boost your mood.

3 – Boost Your Mood With A Smile

It’s amazing how much a smile will boost your mood, even if there are no happy emotions behind it. The simple act of moving your face muscles in such a way serves as a powerful trigger for your mind to improve your attitude. Take it a step further and laugh out loud. It will seem silly, but there are many scientific studies that show by doing so will have a positive effect on your mood.

If you become a grump try these 3 things. You’ll brighten right up.

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