Get Out Of A Rut

3 Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Rut

On any journey, you will encounter days that you don’t see anything happening. Things just seem to stay the same or worse, you back-track. When we get in this rut, we may get discouraged and feel like giving up. This is the time to stay disciplined in attaining your goals. This lull will pass but in the meantime here are a few things you can do to get out of a rut.

1 – Meditate or visualize your goals.

Close your eyes, and see yourself as already having attained your desires. Feel the positive emotions that come with them. Imagine you’ve finally attained all that you have wanted. How does this make you feel? Great doesn’t it? Doing this will give you an extra push of motivation and remind you of the things you are working towards.

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2 – Get on social media and declare your goals.

Having it out there so your family and friends will see it, will hold you accountable. Plus the support from your friends will help you stay motivated to keep going. Be careful not to share every goal with everyone. Some things you should keep close to the chest. But when things seem to be stagnant and you need an extra boost, consider putting it out there.

3 –  Do something fun to  get out of a rut.

As long as the fun activity doesn’t work against your goal, do it. Sometimes all we need is just a breath of fresh air and fun to put things into perspective. After all, we are trying to make our day to day lives better. Enjoy each moment now. Don’t wait.

We all have days where we question whether or not we should spend our time chasing our dreams and goals. This is natural, so don’t fight it or feel guilty about it. We are only human so prepare for this to happen. When it does, you can use the three get out of a rut methods above to help get you through it.

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