Affirmations for Confidence

25 Affirmations for Confidence

If you struggle with doubt, fear, and uncertainty, harness the power of affirmations to boost your confidence from the moment you wake up. Affirmations work to rewire your subconscious mind and activate the law of attraction to manifest whatever it is that you focus on. Begin focusing on having confidence as soon as you wake up in the morning. Don’t even give fear, and doubt a chance to creep in.

Confidence Affirmations

Confidence Affirmations

Here are some confidence building affirmations to add to your morning. Use them as is or change them up to fit your needs.

  1. I am overflowing with confidence.
  2. I am naturally confident in all that I do.
  3. I am bold and outgoing.
  4. I make friends easily and attract amazing people.
  5. I am creative, talented, and confident.
  6. I always attract the best circumstances.
  7. I take on any challenge that faces me.
  8. I create solutions.
  9. I always face fear with excitement and perseverance.
  10. I make bold and smart choices.
  11. I have faith in my skills and abilities.
  12. Everything I need to succeed is within me.
  13. I recognize my imperfections and accept them fully.
  14. I am a victor, not a victim.
  15. I can adapt, grow, and change when necessary with ease.
  16. I understand that every moment I breathe is a gift.
  17. I am releasing all self-limiting beliefs.
  18. I boldy go after what I want in life.
  19. I act swiftly and with energy.
  20. I stand up for myself without fear.
  21. I confidently and respectfully speak my mind.
  22. I am just as good as everyone else.
  23. I am an example of confidence.
  24. I have unbreakable confidence.
  25. I am assertive and impressive.

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Start a morning ritual which includes your daily affirmations. Every morning I say my affirmations at several different times. As soon as I wake up, then again in the shower, and again on my morning commute.

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