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21 Incredible Ways To Live In The Moment

To live in the moment is crucial to a joyful and happy life. Constant stress about what’s coming tomorrow or reliving mistakes from the past cause us to miss out on things right in front of us. We should all put more effort into enjoying the present and to be mindful of the things that are going on around us at this very moment. Here are 21 ways to live in the moment.

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1 – Spend Time In Nature To Live In The Moment

Getting out in nature will not only help you live in the moment but it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

2 – Meditate

Meditation calms the mind and allows you to let go of the future, the past, and everything else. It takes time to become good at meditating but you can start with just a few minutes each day.

3 – Change up Your Routine

Sometimes we get so used to our routine that we forget to notice the things that are going on around us. Live in the moment by changing up your routine. This can be as simple as taking a different route to work.

4 – Practice Gratitude

Every day you should get into the habit of acknowledging the things you are grateful for. This helps you appreciate and be mindful of the things that you have. Every morning I say a gratefulness prayer. “I’m grateful that I’m alive today.” “I’m grateful I have someone to say ‘I love you’ to.” “I’m grateful for this home that keeps my family warm and safe.” …

5 – Smile and Laugh (for no reason)

This may seem silly but smile and laugh on purpose each day. This not only brings you into the moment, but it actually tricks your mind into thinking you are happy. Give it a try the next time you feel down.

6 – Do Something Nice For Someone

Doing an act of kindness will keep your mind focused on the present moment. You could grab a cup of coffee for a co-worker,  or help someone with their groceries. There are many opportunities to be kind to someone each day.

7 – Be a Better Listener

Learning how to be a better listener will help you live in the moment. This is because you are forced to acknowledge and repeat the things that someone is saying in a conversation. Plus being a better listener builds stronger personal relationships.

8 – Unplug

Spend a few moments each day unplugged from all of your electronics and do absolutely nothing. Start out with a few minutes each day but try to build up to at least an hour a day of quiet time.

9- Go For a Walk

Getting out and going for a walk is a great way to live in the moment. Walking every day is not only great for your health, but it helps refocus your mind.

10 – Draw or Paint

Even if you haven’t painted or drawn something since you were 6, do it anyway. Everyone has a bit of a creative side and creating something artistic will focus your attention on the present.

11 – Live in The Moment by Focusing on Your Breathing

Another great way to live in the moment is to focus on your breathing. This will bring you back to the present moment. This technique is also useful to reduce anxiety in stressful situations.

12 – Do Something on Your Own

We can get so caught up with everyday life and spending all of our time around family, friends, and co-workers that we never spend a moment alone. Every so often you should get out and do something on your own. You can go window shopping, catch a movie, or grab a beer. Do something that you don’t usually do alone.

13 – Set an Alarm

Have a notification or alarm go off on your phone or email service at various times throughout the day. When it goes off, stop what you are doing, and just focus on the things around you. Who is around you? What are you looking at? What sounds do you hear?

14 – Take a Bath to Live in The Moment

When was the last time you have taken a bath? Probably longer than you would like. Take some time to draw a bath, light some candles, and put on soft music. Taking a quiet, warm bath is a great way to live in the moment.

15 – Enjoy Each Bite

I’m guilty of this one. I never really take a moment to appreciate the food that I am eating. Eating and drinking keeps us alive, yet the act is treated as if it is insignificant. Try to enjoy and acknowledge every bite of food that you eat.

16- Visualize to Live in The Moment

Close your eyes and visualize being somewhere else. A tropical paradise for instance. Hear the waves, feel the breeze, and act as if you are there right now.

17 – Notice the Colors Around You To Live In The Moment

Take some time to notice all the colors that are around you. What color seems to stand out the most? What color is the most abundant?

18 – Exercise

Exercising forces you to be in the present moment. Your mind must focus on the parts of your body that you are working.

19 – Live in the Moment by Taking Pictures

Take a moment every day to capture a picture of your surroundings. Take a photo of a flower or some scenery. Photographers have an uncanny ability to live in the moment. Try to do this yourself.

20 – Daily Self Love

Every day think of something you love about yourself. I suggest writing down a list of the top 5 things you love and repeat them to yourself in the mirror. This will also build self-confidence and increase your overall happiness.

21 – Play With Your Kids To Live In The Moment

For those parents out there, there is absolutely nothing better than taking some time to enjoy your kids. They are our most prized possession and the ultimate form of joy. Play with them, hug them, laugh with them.

What are your favorite ways to live in the moment?

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